Olive soap or olive oil soap is a pure natural product,
made from pure olive oil.
Contains a minimum of chemical components.


There are different types of olive soap;
Pure natural olive soap without fragrance or dyes
- Olive soap with odors

The first is suitable for all skin types,
also for difficult skin types, dry skineczemapsoriasisirritated skinsensitive skin etc.

Natural olive soap from Greece
Our natural DENDRES olive soap


Olive soap with perfume, here are other components 
added as, Honey, Lemon, Aloe vera, orange,
Chamomile etc.

Oliveoilsoap with Lavender
Olive soap with lavender


Olive soap printed with name or logo

We can produce olive soap printed with your (company) name or logo.
A refreshing and original idea for, for example, a company anniversary, advertising and more.

Your text or logo is printed in the olive soap, see example below.
This is packaged in transparent cellophane foil.

Olive soap from Greece. Branded olive soaps with your name or company logo.

We also take care of the transport from Greece to your home address.

Production and transport takes about 6 weeks.
Minimum quantity is from 3000 pieces.

Contact us via the questionnaire on our website.


Our olive soap comes directly from Greece.

We are also wholesaler of olive soap, also for traders and shops.